In order to cater for the various needs of customers, beyond the strategy, the marketing and social media implementation, I may work with a network of select partners for operations beyond my primary scope.

It involves activities like website creation, web design, development and other items such as professional photography or aerial photography.

I do also have contacts on various continents. This allows us to discuss international development and localisation of the marketing.

Main partners :


Samuel Pavin Partners - Webulle Webdesign Logo - Marketing and social media
Webulle (France) – Web Agency, Webdesign, Communication


Samuel Pavin-partners- Japan Freelance - Marketing and social media
Kouhei K. (Japan) – Freelance, Business development, Translation

Collaborations or clients, you will find yourself side by side with the following companies :


Samuel Pavin Brand Strategy - Customers - IBM - PR - Nameloop - Eiver - SafeMate - Webulle


Marketing and social media are my main activity when it comes to execution but strategy requires to look at the wider picture.

Hence, I also wanted to touch these needs and have solutions on hand to actually match my recommendations and plans.

And a little bit of news


StartupSmart logo - Samuel Pavin Marketing and social media

Australian tech and startup website. Article contribution on how to get started with international expansion as a startup.


Startus Magazine on - Samuel Pavin Marketing and social media

European tech and startup website. Personal interview on my background, roles and points of view. Interview in English.


Maddyness Logo - Samuel Pavin Marketing and social media

French tech news website dedicated to startups and innovation (a French TechCrunch). My interview about the relations between startups and large companies – in French.


Widoobiz Logo - Samuel Pavin Marketing and social media

French web radio dedicated to entrepreneurs. I did two interviews, about the Entrepreneur Week, by IBM and Global Entrepreneur, the startup within IBM – both in French.

Entrepreneur Week:

Global Entrepreneur & IBM: