Work hard but play hard too

The Hustle… .

Glorified by the likes of Gary Vee who is now gliding on another, very different, current, empathy. 

But, the hustle, that “kill yourself working otherwise you will never succeed” kind of philosophy driving the startup – and, nowadays, wanna-be thought leaders, influencers, etc – world is proving nothing but a gimmick that has lived its time. 

When even the apostles of the hustle stop spreading the good word, maybe, just maybe, the trend (and money-making opportunity) has dried out. Time to move on. 

From the start, moving on would have been the sensible approach. 

Working hard is key to success, yes. But so is keeping your sanity. 

As entrepreneurs are about 3 times more likely to commit suicide, there needs to be a balance between work and time off. Getting lost in the rat race 24/7 will not make you a success. Rather it will help you lose focus, lose the drive and energy that a refreshed mind would allow you to benefit from. 

That is what the true hard work is about. Set goals, focus on these and achieve them. When that is done, remember that time slot that says “celebrate”. Celebrate these milestones, however small you feel they are on the highway to success. 

These are the product of true hard work! 

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