Wishing you “all the best” for 2017!

All the best - Black and white happy new year meme

It is that time of the year again. Please allow me to take a moment of this 2017 to wish you all the best – and more!

Beyond the polite wishes, did you pay attention these past months? Did something feel any off? (that is, obviously, beyond whatever 2016 could throw in your face until its very end).

No posting, no problem?

It seems my witty writing was not sorely missed. Or was it?

In any case, at the end of 2 dry months (of course, one would not be enough to truly create scarcity), the statistics – and conclusions drawn – are harsh and cold-blooded.

*Dramatic tune playing*

One month without writing – or, to be exact, publishing – any blog post led to a slight decrease in traffic (around 20%). An acceptable figure and a move which could still be compensated by other social media activities. Yes, Twitter, you are the best.

Two months in, though – not to mention December time – the overall traffic saw a decrease of more than 50%. This is the point where the lack of novelty hits hard. Google bots get bored and so do the readers. Beyond a constant social media activity and presence on other media, the actual lack of content on the site now impacts its very referencing and ability to draw traffic and readers.

Comes January, it is about time to end the drought and resume a healthy writing – and posting – habit.

Scarcity shall be limited to products while content should stay regular and relevant.

Here is to your 2017 of quality content, increased traffic and, above all, actual conversions!

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