Why I don’t give a f&$k about the International Women’s Day

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Women, rejoice! Not only the International Women’s Day but also the International Women’s Week are happening now.

Hell yeah! Picture that, a whole week dedicated to the “weaker sex” and a special time to acknowledge women’s achievements, struggles and path to walk forward.

A time to elevate women, celebrate them and (try to) shatter gender inequality.

Not being against a little controversy, I decided to put together this post to add my two special cents to the discussion – and seize the opportunity to blatantly bait trolls at the same time (maybe). For those of you, 10%ers, who have actually opened this article and read it this far, well done! You will understand (or, for those who know me, confirm) what I really mean by my teaser of a title.

One Week, One Day

In a similar way to Valentine’s day (ONE specific day to celebrate love and finally care about your other half, once a year…) why just a week to show respect to women? We should not need to have a dedicated week. We should not even need to have this talk about gender inequality. Why inequality in the first place?

In a somewhat candid way, I only saw this matter become a major topic in recent years and, as such, started paying more attention.

But I did not notice it before not because I did not care nor because it did not exist; I did not notice it because, for all the years I can remember, I had never even thought about seeking a difference between men and women (beyond the obvious gender difference, of course. Yes, I am not completely¬†dumb ūüôā ).

A historical bias

Looking back, I come from a background – and family environment – where equality existed de facto. When I started my career, entering the “professional” world, in my first job, women represented 60% of the staff and held positions at all levels; over the years, I actually worked¬†under more female¬†bosses than males and actually brought more women onboard projects I worked on than men.

I had never really taken the time to look at my career in terms of gender presence but here are the facts. That does not make me a “good guy” but it just illustrates how easy it is not to care about gender and actually consider people for their skills and personality instead. Oh and if you are too lazy to bother, no worries, it does not require any extra effort to be a decent human.

A tie or a dress do not shout “skills”. People are the ones with the skills, the ability to deliver, to empower, to… get shit done!

Why create a difference where there is none? Why perpetuate some prehistoric crap?

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History and stereotypes

At the end of the day, are you a man because you wear a beard and a checkered shirt (while my grandmother can certainly chop more wood than most modern “lumberjacks” do) or are you a man/(decent) human because you are actually able to show respect to everyone and do not create differences and inequality where they do not exist?

Inequality, segregation, etc… have¬†all been created by so-called civilisations, by self-proclaimed “superior” people.

Yet, I have learned from these normal, if not inferior people, that these “differences” do not matter. An awful lot of women are smarter than I am, stronger than I am and I am more than happy to say that. What in the world would give me the right – or power – to belittle these women, to require that they earn less or give me their seat at the table of success?

So, while I applaud women, while I fully back the International Women’s Day’s message and purpose to celebrate and empower women, I do not give a f&$k about the International Women’s Day.

That day is every single day.

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