The secrets of marketing success

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The secret to success (or marketing success). A winning formula which sounds like an offer of flowers and rainbows for your business world. Yet, there is no actual secret to success – and that may be the secret – or maybe there is. Work. The “secrets” I mention are actually more pointers than actual magic formulas.

They, however, bear one promise. No bullshit. Just plain stupid and efficient plan to moving forward, building momentum and growing something amazing.

First step: Stop wanting to and start doing!

Or, actually, just start. Take one step forward and get going.

Do not be yet another of these people buying a gym membership for a fortune with the “strong” will to get ripped but will never come for more than 5 sessions. The secret here is not about wanting or having subscribed to a membership. It is all about getting a move on and having consistency. Marketing success relies even more on consistency. The “buzz” is nice. But consistent presence and traffic are great.


Let go of all the BS!

Second step: Plan

Get a notebook, a calendar or a blackboard and define the plan. The starting point and the finish line. They will serve as the line on which to draw a frame. Frame that you will then have to fill with content, products, services, etc. As long as the goal is there and the frame solid, you can add new ideas and new content, change it or create variations. The point here is to have direction and keep the focus on the end game.


Third step: Be yourself

In the early days of my career, I had this talk with my boss about the fact that our products, pricing and offers were very similar to our competitors and was offering advice about how to differentiate them. Little did I know that, while my points were right and taken onboard, I would learn the most important lesson of my professional life.

In my Manager’s words (those I recall at least 🙂 ): “Yes our offers are quite similar to our competitors. And if the products, their quality or even the pricing are not decisive selling points, it does not really matter. We still have a better argument and a difference that our competitors can not beat. YOU. You are the difference. No other Sam is out there. There is only one you and you are the quality, the product, the service you are selling to our clients.”.

Marketing is the same. Bring personality into your strategy and actions. Nobody else has the same.

Do you want a bonus tip?

There is an X factor which will allow you to achieve success. That is actually still giving a f**k about this piece one hour, even one day, after you have read it.

Motivation works in this funny way. You see the piece, get inspired, then forget about it or, at least, just wish you were taking action towards achieving your dreams. Success comes to the one percent who do actually take action, plan and deliver.

So get going! Do not close this post, open a blank page or grab a sheet of paper and start working. Plan and take a first action.

Repeat tomorrow.

And let me know, a month from now, where you stand.


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