Social media and marketing bites

Social media, as bite-sized takes. Here are some of my little pieces of smarts on some of the current topics.


Employee advocacy has always been important but it is growing in importance with the development of social selling


One mistake to avoid: encourage employee advocacy but do not “force” it on employees #influencerchat


Personalized social media marketing


Personalisation starts with structure. Know where you stand, what the key messages are, who the audiences are, etc. Then adapt with different takes.

It has become crucial to talk to people individually, not only for thesake of humanity, but also social selling and advocacy.


Expiring content


Use expiring for black ops! As in guerilla marketing or limited offers. Create urgency and strong response from audience


Organic traffic is becoming harder


Look into it and learn. Use data and updates to SEO systems to help you see what works and stands out. But start with great content.


The benefit of social media data


You don’t steer a ship without tools and directions. You don’t steer a social media vessel (& strategy) without these either.




The interesting feature of emojis, beyond language, is that it adds “color” to a tweet. It makes it stand out more than text.

We love everything visual. And emoji have a playful feel to them too that attracts the eye.


Live  streaming / video


Video makes content more appealing to audiences. It is visual, easy to consume and often more human.


One final focus


Ensure having a platform to aggregate all contents from social media and make it searchable / referenced for reach.