Social Media, Marketing, Strategy, what can I do for you ? 

Time and social media - image on Samuel Pavin Group Limited

Social media & community management

Social media is key. But social media marketing is one of its kind and relies not only on ever-evolving platforms and channels but also valuable and optimised content. I can assist by consulting on the tools and the messaging but also the actual community management, content creation and optimisation. That also includes PR and communications activities.



From getting started and growing your product to business and marketing strategy and to customer & brand management. Every company and every venture is different – so are the markets – so this is where we work together in order to help you achieve growth and sustainability. I do not only consult but can also manage the activities.


Public speaking

From schools to conferences and workshops, I can deliver presentations or training sessions on topics related to entrepreneurship, management and marketing (including social media). Looking for a speaker or for advice prior to delivering a speech, please do feel free to contact me.


Copywriting & translation

Encompassing the previous topics, the content creation is key. Be it a company presentation, marketing content or slides for a keynote, I can advise or create content tailored to your business, needs and audience. This, in both French and English. 


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