How to rock marketing by leveraging “Tradigital marketing”


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In today’s world of Internet and information overload, marketing still bears various forms. Traditional marketing in the form of telemarketing, print, etc. Digital when we start thinking about social networks, for instance. Or the “new” television that is YouTube or Netflix.

The boundaries between marketings are changing and tending to merge. That is where “Tradigital” marketing is born.

But first, what exactly is tradigital?

According to a definition by Techopedia, “Tradigital refers to the melding or combination of the traditional and computer based (digital) methods used to create something. The term is an amalgamation of the words “traditional” and “digital” and was coined in the early 90s by Judith Moncrieff, a Pacific Northwest College of Art artist and teacher who invented and taught this medium at her school”.

In a few words, mixing a poster ad with a dedicated landing page and a social media campaign. For example.

The secret to success with tradigital


Tradigital success relies on two words, consistency and continuity.

When mixing traditional and digital marketing together, the voice of your business must remain consistent while the customer must be able to find the same type of information, graphics and messages regardless of the media they are using.

Bearing in mind that people’s attention span is extremely reduced nowadays, your copy or messages must also be a hit, be it on a poster, your website or social media.


Content, responsiveness and key messages


Content is key. Unique, shareable and up-to-date content. That is one of the rules of digital marketing which translates to traditional – or tradigital.

Creating quality content requires time and so does tradigital.

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A marketing activity mixing various media where content and consistency are crucial requires a thorough planning and ensuring delivering quality on every level.

A prospect seeing a poster and then checking your website on their mobile will expect to see at least as much information on their screen as on the piece of paper. And then to easily find the details which may be missing on the paper ad.

This means having an initial message or visual that catches attention, repeating it on a website which can adapt to every type of device while offering an intuitive user interface and additional content. While the key visuals and messages have to be found on the company’s social networks as well.

Then tradigital can help reduce bounce rate and increase brand awareness.


Targeting audiences and leveraging events


Tradigital can allow you to target or retarget a specific audience. Where traditional marketing may serve as a means to drive prospects online (visit your landing page or website), the digital side of tradigital may allow you to close the deal.

Beyond exposure (via TV, radio, posters, …), you want to target people having shown interest in your product or company.

This is where the digital side of tradigital comes into play. Retargeting allows to define a population based on specific criteria (demographics, location, interests, …) and serve specific ads to them even after they have left your website.

And leverage specific events or hashtags related to your business.


Overall, quality and continuity is the key. But tradigital marketing proves that traditional and digital marketing are not opposed, they are indeed a perfect match as long as there is a plan and strategy in place to make them work together. That is what I do, making sense of these and creating a compelling strategy.


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