Quick thoughts on how to grow your LinkedIn followers

In the world of social networks, things evolve fast. The king of the day may become the loser of the day next. LinkedIn, long regarded as the network for professionals doing professional things has recently become so much more.

The new Snapchat of networks. The place to be, where to grow a following and the new kingmaker of “influencers”.

Have you not yet posted your take on life, work, inspiration or motivation? Written in one-sentence form and resonating – or trying hard to – with the feelings of your audience. Come on!

Open your LinkedIn, look at any random post there and you can re-use the format.

Otherwise, if effort is not an option, just copy-paste such “status” and make it yours… . That is apparently what “influencers” are doing as they all seem to live the same life and have “fired themselves from a job 10 times”.

Of course, keep inviting random people to join your network. What was regarded as insulting/rude or just bad manners in the past has suddenly become acceptable in the rat race to build a following on the network.

Reminder: Normal people and standard practice would require that when you invite a stranger to connect, you would add a short message explaining the reasons behind this invitation and the potential outcome expected.

If you do have money to spare, just hire a virtual assistant in charge of defining lists of targets, sending invitations AND adding comments to a hundred posts a day. Yes, make some noise, get yourself noticed… .

Bottom line, the current LinkedIn is a jungle. Draw advantage of it, everything goes!


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