My Tech Take

Good day!

I am kickstarting a short series of – hopefully – recurring posts about technology. Anchored in the news and bite-sized.

This is my take on tech.

For today, my interest was actually piqued by Huawei delivering a video featuring a very sleek-looking Porsche.

The video posted on YouTube is titled “Huawei Mate 10 Pro becomes first AI enabled phone to drive a car“.

Huawei, the global technology company, has apprently become the first mobile device manufacturer in the world to use an AI-powered smartphone to drive a car. The ‘RoadReader’ project pushes the boundaries of Huawei’s object recognition technology and puts its AI-powered devices to the test. 

As MWC (Mobile World Congress) is just around the corner and the P20 announcement should not be part of Huawei’s agenda for the event, this “stunt” proves a great way to seize part of the spotlight in the lead-up to the conference and remind us about the amazing capabilities of their AI chips.

Now, if only they shipped the Porsche with the phones for testing 😉

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