Marketing Tactics That Aren’t Really Outdated

It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet changed marketing forever. Thanks to the wealth of information provided by analytics it is now easier than ever to generate targeted adverts supplied by AI predictions. However, this is not to say that the older methods of marketing and advertising have no place or value. If anything, these older techniques are being overlooked when they are still incredibly efficient.

Word of Mouth

These days, companies rely on data, AI and other technology like eVoice virtual numbers for a whole range of aspects of their marketing strategy. Arguably, the old methods are still the most effective. Some still think that word of mouth is the most essential marketing tactic of them all. All the online marketing with targeted videos featuring the audience’s favourite celebrities does not hold any weight against the heartfelt recommendation of a friend or close family member. It is not necessary for people to be talking about a product. If the topic of conversation is how admirable a company is then that all but guarantees a sale in the future.

Alternatively, there is a power to overhearing somebody else talking about a product or a service. Even if the listener does not know the speaker, the very fact that someone else thinks something is worth talking about will draw the listener’s attention and will cause them to be on the lookout for that thing shortly.


Flyers are more than a piece of paper with some details. As a way of conveying information, they are little different from posters or billboards. Where they stand out is in the human element. Since it must be somebody’s job to hand out the fliers that person has the opportunity to engage with potential customers. That person will be far more effective in selling something that the information contained on the flyer alone. Its role is to later serve as a reminder to the customer and direct them in how they can get access to whatever it is they have been sold.

Of course, the success of this tactic comes down to the quality of the person doing the handing out. If they are being handed up by somebody who merely stands mute, then they may as well be a poster or some other static method. Charisma is everything.


Some things simply have to be in action. A demonstration has many of the same strengths as someone handing out flyers. It gives a representative the chance to engage with the audience and lets their charisma do a lot of the work in selling.

However, demonstrations go one step further. They do not assert claims about the product and ask the audience to take it on faith; they also prove it. This is particularly useful for products that the audience can try for themselves. They may find that they enjoy using whatever it is on display. People who are having fun are far more likely to make a purchase right then and there. If they have to go home first, then they may rethink their decision to buy, or an unrelated experience may put them off by souring their mood. Demonstrations grant the ability to provide a positive experience in the way that no other form of marketing can.

By no means do we suggest only using these older methods to market your business. However, you should overlook them just because new channels are available to you. Take your time to trial different tactics and see what brings the best ROI, you might be surprised.


This is a guest post for which I thank Ellie, the author. Ellie Saunders is a young mother who is passionate about digital businesses. She is currently enjoying her marketing role at eVoice, a place where businesses can get virtual and toll free numbers.

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