Life is like a box of (sour) chocolates…

Life is like a box of chocolates… . Yes, this is a rant on the direction humanity seems to be taking; helped or not by the evolution of technology and embodied in current behaviours and acts like these of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

Life eh! And so is a good ol’ commute. Testament to the plunging IQ of the worlwide population and our newfound concerns for privacy in a day and age when people post their nudes online for all to enjoy, nothing embodies all these faces more than a good old commute. Take just a random day, place and train – or other transportation.

As manners and good habits would call for, each and every person would expect to sit tight, plug in the headphones and enjoy a (sometimes lengthy) travel. whether working, reading, playing a stupid mobile game or enjoying some social media time.

These days, however, such behaviours has gone down the gutter.

Take my commute of the day.

Life of dumb

In a fairly old and dying train coach, probably older than I am (and sadly the actual best fitted type available for any form of semi-comfortable and productive travel), I find myself surrounded by the stereo sound of phone conversations. That is despite headphones and music on (to a level of sound remaining decent but non-lethal to my hears).

Of course you, common humans, value your privacy, personal space, peace and quiet. Yet, taking a long, long, long call, on a packed train, to tell the tales of your preferred passion fruit, your lost keys upstairs and every (fucking!) bit of your life, public and private alike seems like no problem at all.

Bear in mind, while you are whining about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and all these big bad networks spying on you that, not only are you telling it all to about a dozen of strangers (at least) and that, instead of just typing my thoughts I could have been writing the transcripts of your conversation.

When dumb goes dumber

The story does not end though. Humanity seems to have a way with getting from bad to worse (and worst?). Let’s kick it up one notch with two guys arguing about how they are not getting consideration enough for their work, that this is BS and so on! In the next coach, through the closed door, on a decibel level that turns heads even from our heavy phone talkers.

Now, said phone sucker, not noticing their own noise would still notice and complain about the noise these guys are making, visibly disturbing her own phone conversation. How not to point out the irony of the situation when every other normal person in a large, large radius has been enjoying the ever-annoying noise of a screaming contest in closed space.

Are humans even still able to learn?

We are living in interesting and scary times. While humanity could now benefit from tools, knowledge and freedom to create an amazing world, every piece of data out there points towards civilisation crumbling. People’s intelligence (IQ) keeps decreasing, cultural awareness, in an age of easy and cheap worlwide travel is becoming inexistent, environmental crisis are gearing up to be the new norm and WW3 seems to be only a matter of months away.

And while information are everywhere to be found, culture and real knowledge seem to be disappearing. Replaced by bite-sized, easily-consumed and rarely trustworthy content. As content creators, we bear a part of responsibility here, at least in ensuring not to partake in the race to the bottom for the sake of a one-time gratification of likes… .

As a society, it does seem, though, that most have relinquished intelligence and adopted the easy life of not making efforts anymore.

When did greater knowledge availability come to mean less responsibility?