Language services anyone?

Picture of a Japanese cartoon sign about works in progress

The world is now an open plan. As such, business happens on a global scale regardless of boundaries, borders, culture or even just company size. Small businesses gain customers on the other side of the world. Corporations expand and enter new regions of the globe – multiple countries – at once.

Yet, while technology is progressing and borders becoming more open, a few obstacles still remain.

One of them, languages. Another one, culture.

How do you send your goods to China and ensure they enter if your documentation for the customs is not translated to Chinese? Do you know how to meet and greet properly a fellow businessman in Japan? And are you sure your marketing arguments  sound right for Ukraine?

Just a few of the questions you may have to ask – or just the items to check on your international growth list.

I have now joined forces with Absolute Translations in order to help businesses – and even governments (local, state or national) – tackle these issues and think globally. In the right, appropriate way.

To learn more and discuss these topics further, feel free to get in touch anytime (via the form on this website or directly on the Absolute Translations website).

And in the meantime, feel free to check out the following document summarising what language services are about (hint: much much more than just translation).

Absolute Translations booklet

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