La France, technological sovereignty and startups

This short piece relies on a quick summary of France’s major announcements touching on startups (made by none other but the President). This serves as a hint for all). With la FrenchTech having delivered solid results and continued growth for the French ecosystem, maybe startups, entrepreneurship and innovation could be one of the way forward to growth and leadership for countries around the world.

This is a mix of announcements and political statements. Have a read:

French President, Emmanuel Macron yesterday unveiled France’s strategy to support the growth of digital companies and bring out world-class French technology leaders:

> 5 billion Euros of investment from French banks and insurance companies to support future French champions
> The #Next40, which includes the 40 most promising French startups, will benefit from a tailor-made support program – and so will another 80 startups identified throughout the country. All these companies will form the #FT120
> With the #PACTE law, the FrenchTech Tremplin program and the revision of the FrenchTech Visa, France also wants to attract talent to meet the massive recruitment needs of startups.

For startups to raise several hundred million Euros, There is a need for a real European Capital Markets Union.
What is at stake are the jobs of tomorrow and the sovereignty of France.

France’s political sovereignty depends on its technological sovereignty.