Plan your communication in a few easy steps

We are currently living in crazy times. With COVID-19 having a global impact and governments using wartime language when it comes to companies' marketing and communications, we are walking on thin ice.So, how can you plan your communication and avoid missteps? Be organised and don't leave anything pending or unplanned. Here are the steps to [...]

Google BERT: Google announces the most important update of its algorithm in 5 years

Announcing BERT, one of the most important updates in the history of Search. And Google says so. 10% of the requests are concerned. A (truly) major update of the algorithm Google rarely communicates about new algorithms - to the great displeasure of specialists. Several times a year, it informs the SEO community when a larger [...]

What Is Geofencing? How Does It Work?

Geofencing is a buzzy mobile app capability that’s been around for at least a decade; however, developers are only now seeing the full potential of geofencing for building a great user-first experience. While geofencing received some attention in relation to user privacy, new tools are considering how geofence marketing can better surprise and delight customers [...]