To Blog or not to blog?

To blog or not to blog - Samuel Pavin

Oh Blog, where art thou?

Once upon a time, writing a blog was a traffic and business magnet. Even a stairway to influencer status. Writing a blog, offer an opinion to the crowd and becoming a thought leader.

However, as time has shown, “noise” has caught up as the masses took to blogging.

A blogging revolution?

At a time when even the likes of Buffer struggle to bring in traffic and page views, has blogging already be drowned under its own weight? Or are live-streaming and podcasts, the easy content creators, the new darlings of social marketing?

Visual marketing keeps growing. It is fast, easy to consume, appeals to emotions and makes the need for hard work disappear, somehow. Live-streaming through the likes of Meerkat (God rest their soul), Periscope and company has become an easy way to fix the problem of written language. It is more social and it requires less writing. Thus “levelling” the playing field, somehow. Never mind the fact that one can not write when one can just talk on (iPhone) camera.

The return of the writing

The Skimm, newspapers gone digital (and behind paywalls) and many other tend to show that written content is already back. Not exactly in the same form, with a “little” less click-bait pizzaz, but back.

Are you not convinced? What about Snapchat announcing a technology magazine then? You read this right, Snapchat, king of teens and now visual communication, makers of the recorded live-streaming (…) are now eyeing becoming publishers just like the dying papers or the falling Gawkers.

What’s up then?

Mirror, mirror …

Do tell what the future holds for content creators. Should I burn my blog and switch allegiances to Periscope? Or even consider launching a newsletter as “newsletting” is the new blogging?

My answer, for now, is: Hybrid content of course. The monster – or is it fairy – form of content born from mixing video and written content. Combining these forms of contents allows to leverage all their benefits, be they about performance, ranking or audience reach.

Let’s talk more about it, you and me.