Biteable content: social media – and marketing – smarts

Let’s keep it easy and digestible. The following is a short compilation of tips and advice about social media and marketing. A few bits and pieces of smarts, easy to consume and easy to share. 

Employee advocacy

When it comes to social media presence, employee advocacy has always been important but it is growing in importance with the development of social selling.

There is one major “mistake” to avoid though: A company – or management – needs to encourage employee advocacy but not “force” it on employees. The latter option could actually create a reverse effect where employees tend to “advocate” against the company.

How can you personalise your social media marketing?

Personalisation starts with structure. Know where you stand, what your key messages are, who your audiences are, etc. Then adapt with different takes/messages for each audience.

It has become crucial to talk to people individually, not only for sake of humanity but also business and marketing purposes that are social selling and advocacy.

Expiring content

Use expiring for black ops; that means for guerilla marketing / limited offers. Create urgency and a strong(er) response from the audience.

Organic reach on social media

Organic reach is getting more and more difficult to achieve, what to do : 

Look into it and learn the ins and outs of the current results. Use data and updates to SEO to help you see what works and stand out. But do start with sharing great content (relevant, long form, targeted). 

Why data? 

You don’t steer a ship without tools and directions. You don’t steer a social media (and marketing) vessel (& strategy) without these either. 

On social media automation

Main tip: Automate less. Lots (too much) of brands have finally discovered the tools and the actual engagement gets lost. 

Use it in a smart way, for generic content and freeing time to actually interact and be human. 

Emoji are offering a new opportunity for global communications.

The interesting feature of emojis, beyond language, is that it adds “colour” to a tweet or a post. It makes it stand out more than plain text – and it’s a common language; everybody speaks emoji! 🙂

On to the next step: video.

Video makes content more appealing to audiences. It is visual, easy to consume (and can be short but impactful) and often more human. 

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