Battery dying fast iPhone… Enters Huawei

Let’s talk smartphones, battery life and Huawei Mate 10. I actually started this post thinking that I would just make the most of a recent post I send to the interwebs sea in a social media bottle. However, since the SEO Gods and Google may night really like the fact that I would copy-paste not only the content but also the title, I set out on a – launch Google, type search – journey to find the perfect title for this post.

The topic of this article ? Smartphone batteries. The problem? Dying. The search? “Battery dying”. The results? To be seen in the headline picture and title 😉

Enters Huawei. You know? That technology company powering the telecommunications networks on a worldwide scale, that company that started selling phones and consumer technology at scale only a few years ago and is now holding a strong 3rd place, worldwide, when it comes to selling smartphones. And has its sights set not only on Apple, the number 2, but also the top spot still (miraculously?) held by Samsung.

Beyond the trade war bullshit (pardon my French) of the USA currently on a “China is spying” rampage that not any other civilised country is backing, Huawei are thriving and just recently launched the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro which are proving next level when it comes to smartphone quality, UX and camera quality.

Babbling aside, this piece aims at, simply, publishing an infographic these guys recently put together for the lazy me, featuring the outcomes and results of my trying out their battery challenge. In a few words, try to drain your smartphone’s battery, if you can!

Bummer, I failed. Success, I worked for 16 hours on my phone without a charge nor the need for one.

Enough talk now – Shut up, would ya! – let the figures do the talking. Feast your eyes on the experience and quality of the battery on the Huawei Mate 10:

Infographic Samuel Pavin data on Huawei Mate 10 battery challenge