Easing Into Things – Intranet Creation Made As Painless As Possible

Any new business project is going to require thought, effort and time. And if you’re in the market for an intranet set-up – whether it’s a new tactic for you as a company, or you’re just looking for something new – you’ll quickly find yourself wondering just how much of each of those things an intranet is going [...]

Checklist: How To Test a Mobile App

Consumers love mobile apps because of their convenience, which is why most businesses today are scrambling to make sure that they have their own. However, the expectations of convenience consumers have can be a double-edged sword in the sense that there is little to no margin for error. The vast majority of mobile app users [...]

#StartupAus “Breaking News”: An accelerator and an Announcement

Another announcement in the Australian startup world, another accelerator thrown into the spotlight and the name-dropping creating a buzz! Not. Actions are meant to be louder than words. At least this is what I believe. As such, this announcement will not be about covering another Techstars, another 500Startups or any other golden brand name. Startups [...]