Picture of credit cards for post on payments

What Do You Need To Accept Credit Card Payments?

Picture of credit cards for post on payments

As an entrepreneur and an advisor to businesses (startups and medium companies alike), payments and the tools to handle these is a major topic of interest. A business survives and thrives on sales and handling payments in a structured but also smooth manner is critical.

Americans are fascinated with payment cards. And with the appropriate approach, you can place your business to tap into this extremely lucrative and large market.

That said, from customer service to payment safety to integration, there are various concerns that should guide your decision-making. For a complete look, check out the complete checklist courtesy of BluePay below. 


Checklist credit – Credit Card Processing for Small Business company BluePay


P.S: This is a guest post, courtesy of Straight North, internet marketing agency, and BluePay. “Guest” is not “Sponsored” and while the content is theirs, I selected and approved it as it covers a topic offering added value to businesses. As such, I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to feature this guest post here.


Man and fireworks at night - Brisbane is burning on samuelpavin.com

Brisbane is burning…

Man and fireworks at night - Brisbane is burning on samuelpavin.com

… with passion, enthusiasm, community spirit and a startup ecosystem that is out there to thrive and conquer! What a time! Three years after starting exploring and partaking in the Australian startup world, three years after witnessing relentless efforts, timeless bullshit, sustained growth, revived egos and, overall, a slow – but forward-moving – ‘StartupAus‘, Brisbane, this week, filled me with renewed confidence.

The vibes

Oh yes, the vibes. Two ecosystems have consistently sent out good vibes in Australia: Perth and Brisbane. And, man, do they hold promises for the future!

While young startup ecosystems can easily lose themselves in pointless competition, in the rat race of hype or, simply, in trying to make a buck out of the newfound love of governments and corporates for entrepreneurs, these guys kept their heads down and cool enough to get the (necessary) work done and ensure that the foundations are solid.

Yes, the vibes are good.

The community, the ecosystem

Any solid startup ecosystem is born and grown out of a strong community. The people, their spirit and, above all, their relentless and selfless dedication to helping and connecting.

And God knows, Brisbane has it. The followers (on Twitter) of my past week in town could definitely tell. I literally kept running all week from meeting one founder to an EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) to a government agency to another business community. Not that I am that important. Just that by talking to one person, I would enter in the circle, in this impressive community that Brisbane boasts and can brag about, allowing me to meet – and look forward – with the best of the best of the Brisbane and Queensland world.

The place is open for business

When the network empowers and speeds up connections, the future comes knocking straight away. The vision and the next steps are clear. With plenty of room for growth and expansion on every level (education, physical space, business and scaling), Brisbane is more than open for business.

While this account is nowhere near enough to doing the ecosystem justice, this is a “hot-of-the-press”, mind-blown, take on what Brisbane and Queensland have brewing for the future. I have been very positively impressed and it is only just the beginning of the rest of this ecosystem’s life.

Can you smell what these rockstars are cooking?

Dwayne Johnson meme - the rock is cooking

Get in and get involved, they are moving fast, going strong and aiming for the stars already!