10 commandments for non-tech founders

Tips for non-tech founders - hipster cat

How do you start-up in tech?

Everybody is an entrepreneur, right? But how do you get started building a tech startup when you do not have tech skills? As non-tech founders wanting to dive into technology, this question is the first one to ask.

There are a few options in order to build technology even without having the skills required. Learning, outsourcing, finding a co-founder, etc.

To kickstart this series of posts built from content curation about startups, I offer a look into this question through the eyes – and words – of Weiting Liu, CEO of Codementor. A post from the Founder Institute site.

“Startups and innovative technology have become so synonymous with one another, that many people now think that you can’t create one without the other. And while it is necessary to have an understanding of the technology that you’re building, you actually don’t need to be a developer or engineer or computer scientist to launch an impactful company.”


Please read the full post about starting-up a non-tech founders on this page: https://fi.co/posts/26961